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How to take good photos

The best is to have a good camera, but you can also use a mobile phone to take pics. If the images you seek for are happening fast in real life mobile camera is then best, as it is easier to pick up and shoot. You can edit the pictures at Adobe Photoshop or other software, were you can add blurity, sharpness, foggy areas and more to make your pictures look better and more pro. Such software is a bit expensive for beginners but is adviced as it includes a lot of tools to make your pictures better and look more pro.

Try to have an edge in the corners of the images, if not it looks more amateur. Having the main theme of the picture centered makes it easier to understand the images. When you save a file jpeg and png is better formats and adding a high resolution is adviced. If you use mobile camera wait some seconds after you have chosen the location to shoot a picture, for the zoom in and out to relax so the image becomes sharp and not blurry. You can easily buy good cameras (not mobile) for £400 at your local stores. Click here to read more about photography.

You can educate yourself with online education, search for google and you will find many companies offering to learn you how to make good pictures. Youtube also has many videos were you can learn more and become better as a phtographer.

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