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Profit from your own pictures

Do you have many pictures made by yourself? You can profit from such pictures. There are many companies online offering owners of images to sell them, were you gain mostly percenteges of a sale. The companies have popularity from before and know how to advertise better than private owners. They want the original resolution and image size and do not accept small sized pictures, so remember to not edit them. Some pictures are sold for $5 only but this depends on the quality of each image, you can get easily $100 per image if you are good at taking phootoes. Remember that uploading the images to such companies means you loose copyright of them, most likely.

You can have all sorts of images, all from landscapes to really cool, now IStock allows private images of less quality to be added to their sales area. You can also sell images in the news theme, such news companies offer much higher prices than the usual stock companies. If you see an accident or a famous incident your pictures can be worth up to $2000, per image even. Images must be up to date, meaning no more than weeks old as news sites need updated info. You should have a small camera, pocket camera or mobile to use for such projects as you need to carry the camera with you cause of not knowing when or were the news stories will happen. Click here to read more about profiting from pictures.

You could also sell your images on auction sites like Ebay or art sites or even go to visit some art companies offline or festivals were you can sell the images. Adding a network of friends you know who do painting or image work, by joining them you can increase your popularity easier. You can use a good camera or even a mobile to take your pictures with. Good luck with your pictures!

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