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This website is owned mostly by me were the group is expanding the more as time goes. The site went live in 2018 and we hope to last long. Some in our team has photo education whilest others have not. We do it mostly for fun and dont expect to make any income out of this. About the designer and the one mostly behind the site:

Andreas Kaasa Harkiolakis. 36 years old. Loved to take special photographs when I was a child and was told I was kind of good doing it. I hoped for many years to be able to have enough content to make a website like this and finally most of it is done. I only use normal camera and mobile cam to take pictures and most of the pictures are not edited. If you would want to send us images to help out this site we would be more than thankfull for that. Send us an email and we will be glad to add the image on our site.


Where composers rate the music libraries


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